DR. SAM SUGAR interviewed-Guardianships Conservatorships

WELL DONE DR. SUGAR!  A must watch for anyone involved in guardianship (conservatorship) matters or those wanting to learn about these horrible nightmarish practices taking place across the country to the elderly.  

SAN DIEGO IS JUST LIKE FLORIDA...corrupt officials, Public Guardian, Adult Protective Services, Bottom Feeder Attorneys, for profit Assisted Living  companies like Merrill Gardens, etc.   Targeting elderly and depleting their estates.  

Elderly end up in guardianships or conservatorships (as they are called in California) as a result of family issues that end up in court or when family turn to Adult Protective Services for help (as was the case with our Dad) after a family member has been abused.  Adult Protective Services acts as a headhunter for the Public Guardian, bringing in the cash cows- elderly with money to be had.  

What Dr. Sugar talks about is right on and very real.  

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