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ELDER ORPHANS   Childless, unmarried baby boomers w...: A new study is raising awareness about the problem of "elder orphans" -- seniors who have no children, spouse or any other fam...

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Does California conservatorship industry exploit people, property?

Does California conservatorship industry exploit people, property?

September 16, 2009
Judges: Operational Details Unveiled
Janet Phelan as published in the * San Bernardino County Sentinel
September 14, 2009
The San Bernardino County Sentinel
"Blacks law dictionary defines a conservator as a ‘protector or guardian.’ A conservatorship is generally initiated through a court proceeding, when there are allegations that a person is becoming forgetful or is otherwise unable to handle his or her affairs. A “conservatorship of person” may be launched for another party to make personal decisions for the alleged incapacitated person. Upon initiation of a “conservatorship of estate,” however, all the assets are immediately transferred to the “care and protection” of the professional conservator.
This is how it works: A family member, or even a neighbor, may notice that an elderly person is alone and may be increasingly vulnerable. Depending on the morality and authenticity of the concerned party, that person may contact adult protective services, or may attempt to file for guardianship over the elder, in order to either protect or to gain access to that person’s funds. The police may become involved, if there are allegations of lack of capacity or of financial or physical abuse. This opens the door for the professional conservator, buttressed by his or her lawyers, to take advantage of the situation."   Janet Phelan
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