Conservatorship strips 81-year-old widow of all possessions

Conservatorship strips 81-year-old widow of all possessions: Here in America, none of us expect to have our home, property or legal rights infringed upon without due process. But things work a little differently than you might expect in one court system.

Her attorney Michael Hoskins believes what happened to Tinnon wasn't legal, ethical or even American.
"She wasn't given an opportunity to defend herself. All of this happened without her having any knowledge of it," he said.
The trouble started for Ms. Tinnon when her grandsons thought someone was stealing from her. They asked the probate judge, Randy Kennedy, to put her in a guardianship.
The grandsons' attorney said Ms. Tinnon didn't have the ability to make rational decisions. The hearing lasted all of 10 minutes. No medical proof was offered. No doctors, not a single witness testified.
Ms. Tinnon didn't know about the court hearing until after the judge signed her rights...

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Thousands of similar cases...happened then and continue to happen now...

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