Advocate for Probate Reform said...
An audit also needs to be done in the San Diego Probate Court where the assets belonging to minors,conservetees, and beneficiares of trusts and wills are seen as an open treasure chest with which to fund the court and the legal/professional fiduciary community in what basically falls under federal RICO violations for extortion by public officials.
For example, probate lawyers and those of professional fiduciaries are allowed to stretch out cases so that the court (as well as subsidiary entites such as Court Call and One Legal) collect more fees . The longer the case is in court, the more money lawyers and fiduciaries make in wracking up bills. These are also the very people who will help support and fund a judge's re-election campaign, so the judge has great incentive to reward them with the opportunity to make as much money as possible.

When the public guardian or administrator is appointed, the individual does not make money himself. He is on salary with the county. The county collects the monies which partially fund the courts which pays the salaries of the probate employees and the judge himself.

Extortion of estates is raqueeteering serious business. It must be stopped in San Diego County. Some members of the county affected by the probate court, probate lawyers or professional fiduciaries including the public administrator/guardian have complained to the FBI, but when presented to the Federal Prosecutor, the agent was told they need more evidence. It will take enough people complaining to give the FBI the proof it needs. Otherwise, the alternative is to bring civil RICO cases. The most prayed upon victims are the cases with pro pers who the court knows don' have the money to bring civil actions or take defensive steps to stop whatever they do.

If you have been affected, please call the FBI at either 760-929-0811or 858-320-1800. Tell them that you wish to report possible RICO violations by professional fiduciaries, probate attorneys and/or probate judges.

After speaking to Mr Jones-Sawyer's office, I also discovered that many people are calling them from reading this article. Add your voice and mention the probate court specifically. The phone number is 213-744-2111.

Not only does the probate court need to be audited and professional fiduciaries and probate attorneys stopped from extorting money from those who become their victims, but the laws that have opened the door for this need to be changed. FOr example, most people don't realize that there are no jury trials in probate. A trial by your peers is a fundamental US citizen right that has been taken away.

Fee waivers are not waivers when it comes to Probate. They are fee defermnents. Shoud the assets involved be more than $10,000, all the 'waived' fees have to be paid back out of the assets.

A whole set of other laws exist opening the door for all the corruption currently going on,

Estates should go who they were meant for, not a corrupt system in which vultures wait to descend on the helpless or dead.

Let's stop one more area of corruption in San Diego!

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